Low season trip with friends
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Fixed 1,000 baht/month
Slot 300 baht/month
A multitude of experience and learning opportunity while exploring caves, fertility temple, wildlife, monsoon weather, swimming, joining in games and riding boats. Asa was sharing food, toys and time with friends, sleeping over together at various places.
We travelled by rental car, ferry, longtail boat and golfcarts. We visited, Ao Nang, Railay and Krabi town. We encountered a strong monsoon storm while on Railay, witnessing natural powers at work. We saw two types of wild monkeys, explored a cave, saw people rock climbing, met with other mixed race families and locals from Railay. We ate Thai food, indian food, mexican food and continental breakfast. We took a close look at the local flora and fauna, discovered wild berries and found out they were not eddible bacause they made our skin itchy. We paid our respects at a fertility temple where Asa helped collect chivalung that were scattered all over the beach because of the storm and returned them to the temple. We spoke about religion and beliefs and why the temple was there. All in all a funfilled and educational outing both adults and kids enjoyed!