Phu tuberk
my first time sleeping in the tent
My family always wanto go to camping so we went to camping and it was fun first it was cold and rainy and I like the cold is so freezing like an aircon, first we went on the roof to eat. pork buffet and suddenly it rain and we. move to eat at the resturuant but I skip dinner and walk back down to the tent to find my ipad but. I so. I walk back up to ask my mom that where did she put my ipad she said that she put it in the front of the bag so I went back down to get my ipad to watch, Neflix and I watch it and then we sleep the next morning we get up have some congee for breack fast then we pack our thing annd went back home. the morrow of the story is always bring as much jacket as you have when you go on a moutain trip