shiang khan trip
we went to shiang khan because family have a trip and family has to go together right
my family went to shiang khan t explore the street food 
we went to shiang khan because we want to see the street food and eat some food after the first thing is we eat some food and I found some other poeple is riding a scooter and that make me want to ride one I ask my mom if can she pay 100 baht for one scooter and my mom ask some stranger where is the scooter came from the stranger said it in the 7th street so we went there and there is a scooter  we ask the scooter how much and he said 1 hour per 100 baht and it was worth it I ride for 1 hour and it was fun after 1 hour I went to the motel that we are staying to sleep the next morning my family wake up and told me to pack my stuff and leave so I did that and we went back home. what I learn is I need to ask somebody to help when I'm in trouble