Nata carft camp Kuchinarai
I went to the Nata craft camp in Kuchinarai, Kalasin province. I learned how to make a boomerang, a ceramic bowl and a cup. I met many of my BNS friends. It was so much fun!

I went to Nata craft camp in Esan, which is where my grandma’s house is. I made a boomerang all by myself - it was great fun!

I met many of my BNS friends. We had lots of fun!

When we finished making our boomerangs, we finally got a chance to play with them.

After playing with our boomerangs, we made a ceramic bowl and cup using a Japanese kick wheel.

For dinner, we had a BBQ. It was yum!


We cooked eggs in a pan for breakfast!


We made it by ourselves!

After breakfast, my friends and I made more bowls.

We have so many now!

After lunch, I played with Peak, the little Chihuahua dog.

So cuteeee >.<


I learned how to make a boomerang and cup.

My mom got a handmade spoon from me and now I know how hat a buffalo sounds like!

I like the Nata craft camp.
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