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This character was mostly inspired by a fictional character from a show called Breaking bad, that goes by the name Tuco salamanca. And other character such as Niragi from AIB, Arlecchino from Genshin impact, or even a real person such as Wilbur soot aka William patrick spencer gold.
The character goes by the name of Douglas, Douglas Allard. Douglas is a name of Scottish origin, derived from the Scottish Gaelic, "dubh glas," it means "black river" or "dark stream." Which represents the dangerous depths of a murky water, mystery, and hidden secrets (but honestly, I just like the sound of the name.) and their last name, Allard, is a name of English and French origin. It comes from the Old English name Æthelheard and the Old French Adelard with the meaning of noble, brave, and bold.
Douglas was a British drug cartel leader in the early 80s and died later on the late 90s. Their last age was 27 and their story ended there in the main au. There is actually so much more to the story in that au but what I want to talk about today is Douglas’s story in the after life, this separate au where after life and things such as hell, heaven, angles, and sinners are real. This au I’m about to talk about is an adapted au  from this show named Hazbin hotel.
Hazbin Hotel is an American animated musical comedy television series created by Vivienne. The series revolves around Charlie, princess of hell, on her quest to find a way for sinners to be "rehabilitated" and allowed into Heaven, via her "Hazbin Hotel", as an alternative to Heaven's annual "Extermination" of wayward souls due to Hell's overpopulation.
And that’s the plot of the show, but I’m not going to go deep into it since Douglas has nothing to do with the main character. Now, let’s get into the hell structure so that I can finally talk about Douglas’s lore and character design concept.

Hell’s class structure

Hell is ruled by lucifer, then his daughter Charlie, and his wife Lilith. Followed by the seven deadly sins, who rules each layer of hell. Then the Ars Goetia which I’m not going to go deep into their lore since Douglas has nothing to do with them, they are basically hellborns but higher class, being loyal family and things. Next, the Overlords. Overlords are a class of powerful Demons in Hell. They rank just above regular Sinner Demons and place fifth in terms of power in Hell's hierarchy The Overlords are considered so powerful that they rule over certain parts of Hell and have an infamous reputation for doing so. Despite having the same social status and somewhat similar hierarchy, not all Overlords get along with each other.

Now, moving on to the hell’s citizens. Sinners are people who died and were sent to hell for their sins which was somehow placed above Hellborners, people who were born in hell. And lastly, the Imps & Hellhounds, they are also a Hellborner but was somehow the lowest in food chain.

Seven layers of hell

Hell contains 7 floors, each floor represents the 7 deadly sins which you can travel around by using the hell elevator (there are also other methods as well, but hell elevator is the most used one), but, only if you are a Hellborn. Sinners such as Douglas who died and got sent to hell can only stay in the ring you were sent to depends on your sins and crimes. As for Douglas is the pride ring.


After being sent to hell, Douglas immediately adapt into it, despite how violence the environment was. Since sinners are immortal, they do not age and remain the same age as when they died, so they do not die of old age and other natural causes that kill humans. They also cannot die via damage to the body or from earth-borne illnesses. When a Sinner is damaged or hurt in an extreme way (ex.being crashed by a truck), they will not die from it and will slowly "pull themselves back together" after some time. So killing each other randomly is a very common thing in hell, and that’s exactly Douglas thing, Douglas really did enjoyed living in hell. It’s just like a game to Douglas, killing, then respawn back again. It was wild, and that’s what got Douglas hyped. After some time in hell, Douglas settled the drug market once again even in the after life, and quickly became one of the most biggest drug cartel that moves all kinds of drugs in the pride ring. That may got Douglas so much fame and wealth already, but that wasn’t enough. Douglas was a greedy and arrogant person, who’s obsessed with money and power. So, Douglas literally challenged an overlord into a fight, to take their position, just to lost miserably. Douglas was pissed and gone missing for 2 years after the fight, nobody knows where they go, or when will they return. But, one day, surely, Douglas will.

Character design concept


There is no true extent to a Sinner's appearance, since it is the manifestation of the soul in question. Usually, a human's demon form is influenced by the human's soul, sins or crimes. So as for Douglas, I mainly focus on putting this star-like symbol into the design, Douglas's cartel gang sign. The cartel is undoubtedly Douglas’s greatest sin or crime, as many lives have fallen victim to this business.


There’s actually more abilities and traits that are not in the following list that every sinners shares, but, for now, I’m going to write only about the unique ones that a few or only Douglas has.

Demon transformation - A few Sinners have demonstrated the ability to transform into larger, stronger, and more demonic alternate forms, including Douglas.

Deadly deal - An ability to make a bet with other demons, the game could be anything from the basic ones such as coin flipping to extreme things like russian roulette. The price of the bet could be anything, depends on their deal. And once you get a winner, the loser have to follow the agreement they made, no matter what once the deal was made, and there is no way out.

It seems like a fair game right? But, just like the name, the game is actually rigged. It was never a fair game since the start. It was a deadly deal.

Basically, the deal and agreement will be set by Douglas, you can only either say yes or no. And once you said yes, the deal will be sealed. Meaning you agreed to the condition that was set. The following will be the deal agreement set by Douglas.

“ Let’s make a bet, there is no rule to the game, except for one, I’m the house “

And the only condition despite saying there was no rule, is Douglas being the house. What does “The house” do*?* Basically, have you ever heard of this phrase, “The house always win” ? In a casino, all gambling is designed so that the house (i.e. the casino owners) will always net a profit, regardless of the successes of individual patrons. And that is basically Douglas’s power, being able to profit out of you, out of the deal, winning or not, it doesn’t matter.

Douglas is capable of much more things, and there's also so much more to the lore, but, I’m going to only write about these two first for now.


- A parody of a game named buckshot roulette

 - minecraft skin design

The guitar is referenced from Ltd 60s Hs Tele Lake 

The character is also into the art of music, they're mostly into alt rock, indie rock, and death metal. As you can see, the thing  the character was referring to was a band named xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx
aka xavleg, a real Death Metal band.

Human form design when they were alive.

by Numthang on Feb 28, 2024

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