Food, health and culture
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Fixed 1,000 baht/month
Slot 300 baht/month
As a mixed race child Asa doesn't just learn about the importance of healthy and nutritious food but gets to explore different cultures through food as well.
Living on an island that is a popular international tourist destination we have access to a huge variety of cultures and foods. We have had the chance to introduce Asa to a multitude of dishes from all over the world such as Mexican, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Indian, of course Thai food and more. At home we experiment with cooking and baking as well. We try raw food, boiled, fried, stirfried, baked and roasted food. Asa has helped out with every step of the process in getting food on the table (or floor). 
She has helped planting food, taking care of the plants, harvesting food or catching food like fish and frogs. She has helped to clean food, cut it, mix it, seasoning, cooking and of course eating the food. Asa does have trouble getting herself to try new things and does not enjoy food mixed or as a seasoned dish, covered in sauce. She needs more practice in expanding her food pallette.